Cut Fill and Rock Breaking Excavations

Cut Fill and Rock Breaking Excavations

Cut, Fill and Rock Breaking Excavations

F1P Excavations provide cut,fill and rock breaking excavations throughout Melbourne. Our highly qualified and expertly trained staff have the expertise, skill and equipment to deliver high quality excavation work on time and within budget.

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What is cutting, filling and rock breaking?

Cut,fill and rock breaking  are commonly used techniques employed to create a more level surface.  It involves these basic processes.  “Cutting” is the process of cutting earth away to achieve a desired ground level. “” Rock Breaking” is required on hardened surfaces of rock and “Filling” as the name implies is the process of bringing the ground to the required level by filling a hole.

There is an element of risk with the cutting, rock breaking and filling process and you need to be sure that your contractor is not only knowledgeable and reliable and but qualified sufficiently to ensure that the earth is sufficiently compacted to safeguard building foundations.

If the earth is not properly compacted, settling earth may result, in devastating consequences such as sinking driveway or roadways.

F1P Excavations will ensure that all cutting, rock breaking and fill excavations are properly compacted prior to job completion.

What sort of equipment is used for cutting, rock breaking and filling?

Earth moving equipment such as excavators, rock breakers, skid-steer loaders and earth compactors can all be used when cutting, rock breaking and filling.  The size and shape of your project will determine what equipment is used specifically.